Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slant 6 split w/ The Make UP

Stop 7"

Side One

1. I Love You A Lot
2. Rebel Rebel, Bat Cat

This split w/ The Make-Up came out in 1995 from the label Time Bomb. The song 'Rebel Rebel Bat Cat' is a very sweet rendition of Bowie's Rebel Rebel with altered lyrics about a feline. Coincidentally my oldest cat is named Bat and I consider this our love song. I'm assuming the Make-Up songs are still available on the CD version of the 'I Want Some' LP so I won't post 'We're Having A Baby' & 'Young Vulgarians'.

This post is for Danny.


fallfandan said...

YAY!!! Thank you so much! I haven't heard this song for 15 years but have always thought of it everytime I hear Rebel Rebel.

Big Eats said...