Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laibach/Last Few Days - Cassette 1983

Laibach's first output was a cassette only release through the Galerija ŠKUC Izdaja tape label.  Split with Last Few Days.  Laibach side was recorded at Studio Metro 1982/1983.  B1 & B4 were recorded at Western Works May 1982.  B2 recorded in Greewich tunnel (beneath the River Thames) November 1982.  B3 recorded at The Final Academy October 1982.  B5 recorded at The Death Factory February 1983.   

Side A - Laibach

1 - Panorama I
2 - Cari Amici
3 - Jaruzelsky
4 - Zmagoslavje Volje
5 - Smrt Za Smrt
6 -  Država
7 -  Panorama II

Side B - Last Few Days 

1 - Polar Vision
2 - I Lie
3 - F1. Redemption
4 - Blind Knives
5 - Solemn Warnings


Monday, April 23, 2012

Hit Parade - Bad News

Here's another interesting release from Crass Records.  Politically charged electronic music from Belfast.  Using just synths, drum machines, and vocals this one man band Dave Hyndman aka P. Checkoff  creates sounds more akin to Depeche Mode than Conflict.  Backing vocals from Eve Libertine, Penny Rimbaud, and Phil Free of Crass.  Engineered at Southern Studios, London.  It came in Crass-style foldout cover with extensive information on the Irish prisoners' hunger strike in the H-Blocks, and an additional inner sheet featuring a political statement by Crass. 

Groove etchings:

1 - Here's What You Find In Any Prison
2 - More Faces
3 - Bad News
4 - H Block


On a related note, I recently saw the film Hunger (2008) directed by Steve McQueen which dealt with the issue of the Irish Prisoners' hunger strike. It was a beautifully shot and moody take on this tragedy.  Ten people died and Thatcher couldn't care less.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

KUKL - Söngull

Before the Sugarcubes invaded the pop charts the members were active in KUKL They were an artsy bunch who wore all black, dabbled in absinthe, made dada inspired videos, and shocked television viewers by performing while Bjork was very pregnant and exposing her belly. The sound is very tribal, noisy, and dark. They went on to perform with Crass at the 'We Demand The Future' festival in Reykjavik in 1983.

This is their first single released on the Gramm record label in Iceland. The first track is an earlier Icelandic version of the song Dismembered which appears on The Eye LP later. The sleeve folded out into a 6 panel poster. Some copies had red spray painted over the KUKL logo on the front panel.

1 - Söngull

2 - Pökn (Fyrir Byrjendur)


Thanks to Kill Your Pet Puppy for sharing this. There's a really good document of their debut performance at the We Demand The Future festival with Crass and others which can be found here:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arab On Radar - Swimming With A Hard On

1 - Swimming With A Hard On
2 - Samurai Fight Song

Released on Load Records with a silkscreened cardboard sleeve. Some copies came in pink marble vinyl.

Load 023



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edward Ka-Spel - AaΔzhyd China Doll

Edward Ka-Spel's catalog is vast with 40+ Legendary Pink Dots records, nearly 30 solo albums, and a dozen Tear Garden albums, all while actively touring for 30 years. I'm a big fan of Edward Ka-Spel's earlier solo work. Lo-fi bedroom recordings with intriguing storylines, trippy synths, carnival sounds, drones, and remnants of Eastern folk.

I believe this was the fourth release from the China Doll series. Recorded at the Dolls house in Amsterdam. I've found some new reissues from the other China Doll albums but I think this one has been out of print for 20 years.

1 - AaΔzhyd China Doll
2 - Flesh Parade
3 - The Qa' Spell
4 - The Unfortunate Demise Of The Fabulous Puccino Brothers
5 - Nuts In May
6 - Traitors' Gate
7 - Blowing Bubbles (Part III)
8 - The Fool
9 - The Witchfinder Suite (Parts I-VI)



from an interview in 2004

- Do you have any idea of how many albums you've done so far?

I have no idea at all. It seems to me like a waste of energy to start counting.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cabaret Voltaire - Live October 25, 1980

Supported by Young Marble Giants, The Sleepers, and Gears at the Keystone in Berkeley, Ca, USA.

Cabaret Voltaire released two live albums that both sounded like they were recorded in a toilet of the bathroom at the show. This unreleased cassette is crystal clear compared to those other documents. The Western Mantra track at the end clocks in at close to 20 minutes. A very creepy groan comes in and out of the droning dance beats. The vocals were modulated into a dying cyborg, atonal buzzsaw guitars waved about, reel to reel samples were fucked with, and a dainty drum machine thumped along into a trippy mess.
Original C90 had an interview from the KJFC Los Attos radioshow.

1 - Photophobia
2 - Kneel to the Boss
3 - This is Entertainment
4 - Expect Nothing
5 - No Escape
6 - Seconds Too Late
7 - Western Mantra


Monday, August 30, 2010

Element Of Crime - '''The Things You Do For Love,,,

Ink-stamped with label in custom stickered heavy duty card sleeve. This handmade 7" is 9 minutes of amazing lo-fi jangly throbbing garage rawk from some of England's riot bois and grrls. According to a Huggy Bear fansite: Chris from Huggy Bear sang, Jo and Dale from blood Sausage traded bass duties, Andy from Linus played guitar, Daryl from Sister George played the drums, and Layla from Skinned Teen did some backup vocals. Supposed to be first in a series of Huggy Bear offshoot 7" singles. No others came out afterward.

"Chris wrote the lyrics crouched down in the tube station waiting for Bratmobile to come. The studio was Toe Rag, which is the same place a lot of Billy Childish/Holly Go Lightly stuff was recorded, really rad old equipment and atmosphere too. It was a drunken party style recording, songs all written on the spur of the moment." - Layla (Skinned Teen)

1 - Hero Erin
2 - ((Jaws All ism))
3 - Delinqunt Squint
4 - Verte Break

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