Sunday, February 19, 2012

KUKL - Söngull

Before the Sugarcubes invaded the pop charts the members were active in KUKL They were an artsy bunch who wore all black, dabbled in absinthe, made dada inspired videos, and shocked television viewers by performing while Bjork was very pregnant and exposing her belly. The sound is very tribal, noisy, and dark. They went on to perform with Crass at the 'We Demand The Future' festival in Reykjavik in 1983.

This is their first single released on the Gramm record label in Iceland. The first track is an earlier Icelandic version of the song Dismembered which appears on The Eye LP later. The sleeve folded out into a 6 panel poster. Some copies had red spray painted over the KUKL logo on the front panel.

1 - Söngull

2 - Pökn (Fyrir Byrjendur)


Thanks to Kill Your Pet Puppy for sharing this. There's a really good document of their debut performance at the We Demand The Future festival with Crass and others which can be found here:

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