Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Current 93 - The Dream Of The Green Goddess

This is the first part of the special absinthe editions. It was released 2005 in a limited edition of 93. This song is a creepy deconstructed remix of Abba Alllla (Babylon Destroyer).
Contents of package:
Edition of 93 in sealed card sleeve.
Signed and numbered bottle of Absinthe Duplais Verte.
Two glasses, Two spoons , In printed wooden box with gold alpha/omega symbol.
Here is an interview with Pitchfork on the bottle:
Pitchfork: When I interviewed Ben (Chasney) he mentioned that you sent him a bottle of Current 93. Do you own a distillery?
DT: [Laughs] There's an absinthe company in Germany and the guy who runs it used to be a big Current 93 fan. He wrote to me and asked if I'd be interested in designing a label for his new range of absinthe. I said, yeah, I'd really like to, why don't we do a special edition of, say, 93 or 100 copies with a CD with an unreleased track done especially for it. That developed into a box with a bottle of absinthe and with my label, which was signed by me. There were two absinthe glasses and an absinthe spoon and the CD. So there were 93 of those, and Ben got sent one of those. There's a charity I work with called the John Bradburne Memorial Society, a leprosy mission in Zimbabwe. I said I'd do it for the absinthe company if they made a donation-- my payment-- to the society and also put in some blurb about the society. So they did.


COIL - Absinthe Duplais

This very limited edition part of the series of Absinthe bottles (yes, the real thing) is sold out. It was released in Dec 2006 in a signed and numbered edition of 250. I've seen these go from $650- 500 euros. There is a Coil track that's just under 12 minutes. Peter Christopherson did the cover work, bottle artwork, and music. The box came with two absinthe bottles, two spoons, and the one track CD.
Animal Are You?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Published as a limited CD-R to be sold during Coil's Spring 2002 tour in Europe. Only 500 copies were made. The disc is a CD-R with a blank face, no images, no text. It consists of a nearly 20 minute instrumental piece and two reworkings of the piece.

Michael York (breton pipes)
Cliff Stapleton (hurdy gurdy)
John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Simon Norris
Danny Hyde (additional mixing on 2 & 3)

Remote Viewing 1
Remote Viewing 2
Remote Viewing 3

Listen, enjoy, and pretend to be Psychic.


Don't know what Breton Pipes are? Neither did I. Here's some info from http://folkipedia.org/


And the Hurdy Gurdy. Don't pretend to know what it is if you forgot. School your friends with this obscure knowledge.


Friday, June 20, 2008


This was a double 7" compilation released on Duophonic in 1993 in a limited edition of 1200.  Also on the comp were Stereolab, Colm & Darlin.  This release is really rare and I wouldn't want to battle Stereolab fans on an auction site for it.  These tracks are bedroom quality experiments in poetry, noise, and song.  The answering machine sample mentions the Hickey Underworld, something I remember Nation Of Ulyssess referencing in their radical surreal manifestos.  I got these from a fan years ago who made a rare Huggy Bear CDR.  I don't have the tracks from the other bands.

1 - Trafalger Square
2 - Godziller
3 - More Music From Bells
4 - Snow White/Rose Red



This is a one-sided 33rpm 7" self released in 1993.  It was given away at a show on Valentine's Day 1993.  The version of February 14 is different from the one on the split with Bikini Kill.  The version of  Into The Mission was taken from the We Bitched demo tape. These are very lo-fi but still a rare and interesting treat.

1 - February 14
2 - Into The Mission



The debut 7" from Huggy Bear released by Wiija in 1992. This was mainly sold at shows and the Rough Trade store.   This material wasn't re-released on the 10" of early singles or anything else.

1 - Katholic Kunt
2 - High Street Jupitor Super*Cone
3 - Snail Messenger Lost

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Recorded live in Assembly Room, Derby, 12.07.83.

Here is a slightly edited version of accounts from passionsjustlikemine.com

Tickets for this concert were free, John Peel announced the ticket giveaway on his show.  It was a very wild gig, the crowd was very energetic and constantly shouting requests.  It all ended in chaos.   After shushing the audience, Pretty Girls Make Graves was introduced with "A little quirk... a little quirk friends... pretty girls make!" In What Difference Does It Make?, he changed a line to "I think i can rely on me."
At some point during Miserable Lie, Morrissey was hit in the eye by a flower, dropped his microphone to the floor and left the stage.  The band finished the song mostly as an instrumental.   Morrissey came back on stage on time for the ending of "I need advice, I need advice", adding at the end "and so do you!" for the rowdy audience.  Johnny Marr said in the 1985 programme for the Meat Is Murder tour, that this concert was his 'greatest embarrassment'.
Just before This Night Has Opened My Eyes which came next, Morrissey shushed the audience again and shouted "No! This!" In the song Morrissey changed a few lines, like "this night has opened my eyes and I will never see again", "The dream has gone, the crying is real" and "And I'm never happy and I'm never sad." After These Things Take Time, Morrissey just shouted "Goodbye! Stay handsome... goodbye..." and the band left.
They were soon welcomed back by a big collective cheer.  They launched into You've Got Everything Now but it wasn't long before the stage became crowded with fans.  Band members disappeared from view and Morrissey could barely sing his lines.  The stage got filled with as many fans as was physically possible.  It was one of the Smiths' first major stage invasions (including a small child!).   This concert was recorded for The Old Grey Whistle Test and first broadcast the following Friday and Saturday.  Some later rebroadcasts were shortened to seven songs, leaving out amongst others, the near-instrumental Miserable Lie.

1 - Handsome Devil
2 - Still Ill
3 - This Charming Man
4 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
5 - Reel Around The Fountain
6 - What Difference Does It Make?
7 - Miserable Lie
8 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
9 - Hand In Glove
10 - These Things Take Time
11 - You've Got Everything Now



I'm not sure when or where this show was from.   I'm guessing it is sometime after Desertshore (1970) and before The End (1974). Possibly 1972?   If anybody knows the source of these recordings please let me know.
A little bit of trivia I came across: According to the wikipedia, on December 13, 1974, Nico was the support act at Tangerine Dream's infamous concert at Reims Cathedral in north-east France.  The promoter had so greatly oversold the capacity of the venue that attendees could not move or reach the outside, eventually resulting in some fans urinating inside the cathedral hall.  As a result, the Roman Catholic Church denounced these actions, ordered the rededication of the cathedral and banned future gigs on church property.

1 - Femme Fatale
2 - No One Is There
3 - Frozen Warnings
4 - Janitor Of Lunacy
5 - I’ll Be Your Mirror


Monday, June 16, 2008

SKINNY PUPPY - Cleveland, Ohio, 1992

Skinny Puppy - Cleveland, Ohio, 5.29.1992

This is a fairly decent recording from the Last Rights tour.   Left Handshake is the infamous track that was deleted from Last Rights due to copyright issues.  I believe there is a Timothy Leary sample in there.   I think this was the last tour to feature Dwayne Goettel.  They had to cancel a European part of the tour because of an injury Ogre had. He probably slipped on a pool of fake blood. 

Disc One:
1 - Intro
2 - Addiction
3 - Love In Vein
4 - The Choke
5 - Harsh Stone White
6 - Improv
7 - Tin Omen
8 - Worlock
9 - Knowhere?
10 - Anger


Disc Two:
1- Improv
2- VX Gas Attack
3- Second Tooth
4- Killing Game
5- Circustance
6- Left Handshake
7- Testure


Sunday, June 1, 2008

NICO - Live 1983

I'm not sure when or where this was except that it was 1983 and in Europe. The interview in the beginning is hilarious. The questions and answers are very disjointed. She plays three of her songs, three Velvet Underground tunes, and a Bowie cover.

All Tomorrow's Parties
I'm Waiting For My Man
Femme Fatale


Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express (german version)

This is the german version of Trans Europa Express. Released May 1977. I haven't listened to these albums back to back (english vs. german) but I feel like these are entirely different sessions. The synthesizers all sound slightly different and louder. Rumor has it there is also a french version of the song Showroom Dummies entitled Le Mannequins.

Europa Endlos(Europe Endless)
Spiegelsaal(The Hall of Mirrors)
Schaufensterpuppen(Showroom Dummies)
Trans Europa Express
Metall auf Metall(Metal on Metal)
Franz Schubert
Endlos Endlos(Endless Endless)


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Legendary Pink Dots - Dot To Dot

There's nothing like a crisp clean bootleg of a live event from decades past. There's no clapping, no drunken chit chat by uncaring fans, it's almost as if the entire audience had their mouths taped shut. Recorded live in Hanover, Germany, 10 February 1988. Originally released by Teddy Bear Music in a limited cassette edition of 177 copies. LPD were a part of the cassette culture underground from the very beginning. Sing While You May!

(Side One)

-Intro (Pre-Regression)
-True Love
-A Strychnine Kiss
-Neon Mariners
-A Lust For Powder
-The Gallery
-The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes
-Echo Police

(Side Two)

-Under Glass
-Curious Guy
-I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light
-Flowers For The Silverman
-The Diary
-Love In A Plain Brown Envelope

Band Line-up:

The Prophet Qa'Sepel (Edward Ka-Spel)
The Silverman (Phil Knight)
Stret Majest Alarm (Barry Gray)
Graham Whitehead
Patrick Q. Paganini (Patrick Wright)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Playhouse Theater, Edinburgh, 8.13.81

This was sourced from a tape to CD to mp3 and so on, so it is a little worn but it's at the height of their line-up with John McGeogh on guitar. This is from the JuJu tour.

'Placebo Effect' sounds crazier here than ever here.

1 - Israel
2 - Halloween
3 - Spellbound
4 - Placebo Effect
5 - Tenant
6 - Night Shift
7 - Sin In My Heart
8 - So Unreal
9 - Voodoo Dolly
10 - Christine
11 - Head Cut
12 - Arabian Knights
13 - Eve White/Eve Black
14 - Happy House
15 - Switch
16 - Monitor


Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Sisters Of Mercy - Live In The Trojan Horse, 1984

This is one of the better quality boots from The Sisters Of Mercy. Recorded in Den Haag at the Paard van Trojen, 12/29/84

1 - Burn
2 - Heartland
3 -Body And Soul
4 - Anaconda
5 -Walk Away
6 - Emma
7 -Floorshow
8 -Adrenechrome
9 -Alice
10 - Body Electric
11 - Gimme Shelter
12 - Sister Ray


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Public Image Limited - Peel Sessions

P.i.L. - Peel Session, December 17th, 1979.
These sessions are beyond words. As most Peel Sessions went, these tracks are a lot louder, colder, and scarier.

1 - Chant
2 - Pop Tones
3 - Careering


Chumbawamba - Revolution EP

Here is a copy of the extremely rare Chumbawamba 'Revolution' 12" EP from 1985.  Some copies may be sitting in the dusty attics of aging punks or held hostage in big city record stores behind the counter with a three digit price tag (pay no more than one pound ten pence).  Listen closely as they rant against EMI who had hands in the arms trade and vivisection.  They would later have a one hit wonder while joining EMI attempting to change the system from within.  They encouraged fans to shoplift from mega stroes if they couldn't afford the CD.  Unfortunately they were forced to censor a lot of great liner notes in the US version of their mainstream breakthrough.  Baby teeny boppers could find said information if they were to look up the band's website.
1 - Adversity
2 - Total Control
3 -Stagnation
4 - Liberation

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Marc Almond & Friends - Discipline

There once was a music zine called Flexipop. Each issue came with a 7" flexi record with different bands' rarities, b-sides, or leftovers.  This 'Throbbing Gristle' cover was appropriately released with issue number 23 in October 1982.  It was a clear one sided floppy. Matt Johnson (The The, Marc & the Mambas, etc.) is uncredited but plays guitar and percussion.  Annie Hogan (Marc & the Mambas) played piano and keyboards and was also uncredited.  This track can also be found on a bootleg of various rarities called 'Secret Life'.  Soft Cell released two CDs of cold n' old rarities called 'Demo Non Stop' and 'The Bedsit Tapes'. This song was not included on either of those.
Marc Almond & Friends

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Whole Price Of Blood (demo)

Siouxsie & the Banshees

- the Whole Price Of Blood (demo)

Don't worry, there are vocals on this demo. I'm not always interested in instrumental band demos. This picture cracks me up. The back of her big haired nest while she gazes at the penguins (circa 1987).

(the song) Based on a episode from a series called 20/20 Vision Siouxsie saw about a female version of amnesty, called 'Les Sentinelle', "They rescue women who are trapped in certain religious climates in the Middle East, religions that view any kind of pre-marital sexual aspersion as punishable by death - either by the hand of the eldest brother, or by public stoning". A sister piece to 'Swimming Horses'.
Source: Downside Up liner notes.

Oh how could do it?
A murderous crime
A murderous wounding
How could you allow it?
After time that's been passing
Time should be wisening
A law that was written
In the blood of your victims
Born out of pure resentment
And what of your baby daughters
And what of these shameless slaughters
Lying buried in the sand?
Oh how could you do it?
A murderous past
That preys on the helpless
How could you allow it?
Such cruel and vile blades
To tear at such tender flesh
And loose the knot
From your tongue
Where evil is the resting place
And so it shall only be the single cry
Five senses shall be
The whole price of blood
Foot by foot, wound by wound
The whole price of blood
Hand for hand, strike for strike
The whole price of blood
Oh how could you do it?
Oh how could you allow it?


Friday, May 9, 2008

Virgin Prunes - Twenty Tens

I only have the first track from their first 7". Originally released in 1981, later reissued on a compilation titled 'Artfuck' in 1993. Mute Records did a great job re-releasing most of their catalog. I highly recomend saving some money to buy all four CDs. This is just part of the missing gaps.

-Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night)

Hey, hey, we’re all alone
Can I ask you a question?
Come answer some
Or is it you lack personality?
Can I state my case in case you mind?
Or how about what do you think about what I think about?
Could it, or is it so, in a conversation?
Do you really want to know?
Out of sight, yes out of mind,
A secret thinker! A hidden lie!
Running, living day to day
Running, living, nothing to say!
Hey, hey, where do I belong?
What have you been doing?
Smoking twenty tens for pleasure and company!
Listen, someone else is talking!
Talk! Talk!
Could it, or is it so, in a conversation?
Do you really want to know?
I’ve been smoking all night long



COIL - Paradiso, Amsterdam, June 1st, 2001

This is a good quality recording that was part of a Dutch radio broadcast. 

2-Higher Beings Command
3-Amethyst Deceivers
4-What Animal Are You?
5-Blood From The Air
6-I Am The Green Child
7-Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Annie Anxiety - It Was July

From a collection called 'F/ear This' in 1987.

- It was July


Annie & the Asexuals - Gates Of Freedom

From the benefit album 'Here We Go' for the UK Miners' strike in 1985.

Annie & the Asexuals - Gates Of Freedom


Annie Anxiety - Soweto Suntan

From the 'Devastate To Liberate' LP to benefit the A.L.F. in 1985. Also on the compilation were Nurse With Wound, Sema, Coil, Shock Headed Peters, Current 93, Crass, Halfer Trio, Legendary Pink Dots, D & V, & P16.D4.  I need to upload the rest of the comp some day.

-Soweto Suntan


Annie Anxiety - Barbed Wire Halo

Barbed Wire Halo 7" from Crass records in 1981. There's an infinite groove at the end of 'Hello Horror' so if the record is left on the scream loops at the end.

A - Hello Horror
AA- Cyanide Tears

Creatures - Skytrain (demo)

Skytrain (demo)

In 1982 Siouxsie and Budgie took a vacation from the Banshees and ran away to Hawaii. While there they managed to crash a luau, make field recordings, and record the album 'Feast'. Here is a demo of the madness.
Here is some interesting trivia thanks to http://www.thebansheesandothercreatures.co.uk/
-The location for recording the first full length Creatures album was reached randomly
by placing a pin in a map of the world.
-When flying to Hawaii to record the album Siouxsie & Budgie passed through three different
time zones, as it was New Year's Eve they got to celebrate it three times!
Skytrain (demo)

PJ Harvey on Jools Holland, 2007

Live session on Jools Holland in 2007. She drastically changed her style at the time to something stark and minimal. While mainly voice and piano, she also used a broken harp, fiddle, wine glass, mellotron, optigan, mini-moog, and a variety of other toys. This is not background music to listen to while entertaining.  Enjoy!

1 - Silence
2 - White Chalk