Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chumbawamba - Revolution EP

Here is a copy of the extremely rare Chumbawamba 'Revolution' 12" EP from 1985.  Some copies may be sitting in the dusty attics of aging punks or held hostage in big city record stores behind the counter with a three digit price tag (pay no more than one pound ten pence).  Listen closely as they rant against EMI who had hands in the arms trade and vivisection.  They would later have a one hit wonder while joining EMI attempting to change the system from within.  They encouraged fans to shoplift from mega stroes if they couldn't afford the CD.  Unfortunately they were forced to censor a lot of great liner notes in the US version of their mainstream breakthrough.  Baby teeny boppers could find said information if they were to look up the band's website.
1 - Adversity
2 - Total Control
3 -Stagnation
4 - Liberation

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Phil said...

Thank you for sharing this awesome music with the world!