Saturday, May 31, 2008

Legendary Pink Dots - Dot To Dot

There's nothing like a crisp clean bootleg of a live event from decades past. There's no clapping, no drunken chit chat by uncaring fans, it's almost as if the entire audience had their mouths taped shut. Recorded live in Hanover, Germany, 10 February 1988. Originally released by Teddy Bear Music in a limited cassette edition of 177 copies. LPD were a part of the cassette culture underground from the very beginning. Sing While You May!

(Side One)

-Intro (Pre-Regression)
-True Love
-A Strychnine Kiss
-Neon Mariners
-A Lust For Powder
-The Gallery
-The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes
-Echo Police

(Side Two)

-Under Glass
-Curious Guy
-I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light
-Flowers For The Silverman
-The Diary
-Love In A Plain Brown Envelope

Band Line-up:

The Prophet Qa'Sepel (Edward Ka-Spel)
The Silverman (Phil Knight)
Stret Majest Alarm (Barry Gray)
Graham Whitehead
Patrick Q. Paganini (Patrick Wright)

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