Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express (german version)

This is the german version of Trans Europa Express. Released May 1977. I haven't listened to these albums back to back (english vs. german) but I feel like these are entirely different sessions. The synthesizers all sound slightly different and louder. Rumor has it there is also a french version of the song Showroom Dummies entitled Le Mannequins.

Europa Endlos(Europe Endless)
Spiegelsaal(The Hall of Mirrors)
Schaufensterpuppen(Showroom Dummies)
Trans Europa Express
Metall auf Metall(Metal on Metal)
Franz Schubert
Endlos Endlos(Endless Endless)


Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I was happy having found the german version of TEE. But then??? No password!?!?!
It would very kind ... :-))
Yours, Michael

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't provide a file anymore. It would be great, if you uploaded the file once again (and give a hint on the password).

Greetz, JD

Anonymous said...

After hours of search, i found a link to TEE (german)

Have fun.

djethell said...

thank you so very much for finding a new link. I'm a very happy bunny, ta! D x
I've a nice German and French version of Pocket Calculator. Contact me privately if you wish.