Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Recorded live in Assembly Room, Derby, 12.07.83.

Here is a slightly edited version of accounts from passionsjustlikemine.com

Tickets for this concert were free, John Peel announced the ticket giveaway on his show.  It was a very wild gig, the crowd was very energetic and constantly shouting requests.  It all ended in chaos.   After shushing the audience, Pretty Girls Make Graves was introduced with "A little quirk... a little quirk friends... pretty girls make!" In What Difference Does It Make?, he changed a line to "I think i can rely on me."
At some point during Miserable Lie, Morrissey was hit in the eye by a flower, dropped his microphone to the floor and left the stage.  The band finished the song mostly as an instrumental.   Morrissey came back on stage on time for the ending of "I need advice, I need advice", adding at the end "and so do you!" for the rowdy audience.  Johnny Marr said in the 1985 programme for the Meat Is Murder tour, that this concert was his 'greatest embarrassment'.
Just before This Night Has Opened My Eyes which came next, Morrissey shushed the audience again and shouted "No! This!" In the song Morrissey changed a few lines, like "this night has opened my eyes and I will never see again", "The dream has gone, the crying is real" and "And I'm never happy and I'm never sad." After These Things Take Time, Morrissey just shouted "Goodbye! Stay handsome... goodbye..." and the band left.
They were soon welcomed back by a big collective cheer.  They launched into You've Got Everything Now but it wasn't long before the stage became crowded with fans.  Band members disappeared from view and Morrissey could barely sing his lines.  The stage got filled with as many fans as was physically possible.  It was one of the Smiths' first major stage invasions (including a small child!).   This concert was recorded for The Old Grey Whistle Test and first broadcast the following Friday and Saturday.  Some later rebroadcasts were shortened to seven songs, leaving out amongst others, the near-instrumental Miserable Lie.

1 - Handsome Devil
2 - Still Ill
3 - This Charming Man
4 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
5 - Reel Around The Fountain
6 - What Difference Does It Make?
7 - Miserable Lie
8 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
9 - Hand In Glove
10 - These Things Take Time
11 - You've Got Everything Now


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