Friday, June 20, 2008


This is a one-sided 33rpm 7" self released in 1993.  It was given away at a show on Valentine's Day 1993.  The version of February 14 is different from the one on the split with Bikini Kill.  The version of  Into The Mission was taken from the We Bitched demo tape. These are very lo-fi but still a rare and interesting treat.

1 - February 14
2 - Into The Mission

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greezus chrust said...

any chance you could put the demo tape up? i've been looking for a copy of that since 93! i saw them the year the 10" came out (that night i think) with the frumpies and rancid. one of my most memorable shows... talked to everyone for a minute and they were all really great people. i still wear short pants thanks to chris...