Friday, June 20, 2008


This was a double 7" compilation released on Duophonic in 1993 in a limited edition of 1200.  Also on the comp were Stereolab, Colm & Darlin.  This release is really rare and I wouldn't want to battle Stereolab fans on an auction site for it.  These tracks are bedroom quality experiments in poetry, noise, and song.  The answering machine sample mentions the Hickey Underworld, something I remember Nation Of Ulyssess referencing in their radical surreal manifestos.  I got these from a fan years ago who made a rare Huggy Bear CDR.  I don't have the tracks from the other bands.

1 - Trafalger Square
2 - Godziller
3 - More Music From Bells
4 - Snow White/Rose Red


K.F. said...

Hi, my friend!

I hope you´re doin´well. I want to make a request: I´m searching now a long time for the "Never Another Sunset"-Album from THE ROSE OF AVALANCHE.The record was released in 1989. Did you have the album and can you post it perhaps?

Yours sincerely [K.F.]

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of that. I'll see if I can hunt for it.

Shakeer R said...

hey dude!! Thanks for this, but is there any chance yo uwould post the other side? I'd love to hear.

Novemberer said...

Awesome, I've been after this for what seems like a LIFETIME! Any chance you could post the rest of it sometime... (many thanks)? x