Sunday, July 13, 2008


Published as a limited CD-R to be sold during Coil's Spring 2002 tour in Europe. Only 500 copies were made. The disc is a CD-R with a blank face, no images, no text. It consists of a nearly 20 minute instrumental piece and two reworkings of the piece.

Michael York (breton pipes)
Cliff Stapleton (hurdy gurdy)
John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Simon Norris
Danny Hyde (additional mixing on 2 & 3)

Remote Viewing 1
Remote Viewing 2
Remote Viewing 3

Listen, enjoy, and pretend to be Psychic.

Don't know what Breton Pipes are? Neither did I. Here's some info from

And the Hurdy Gurdy. Don't pretend to know what it is if you forgot. School your friends with this obscure knowledge.

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Bosse de Nage said...

Nice little gem you left lying around here.

I had hurdy-gurdy hubris until now.