Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm not sure when or where this show was from.   I'm guessing it is sometime after Desertshore (1970) and before The End (1974). Possibly 1972?   If anybody knows the source of these recordings please let me know.
A little bit of trivia I came across: According to the wikipedia, on December 13, 1974, Nico was the support act at Tangerine Dream's infamous concert at Reims Cathedral in north-east France.  The promoter had so greatly oversold the capacity of the venue that attendees could not move or reach the outside, eventually resulting in some fans urinating inside the cathedral hall.  As a result, the Roman Catholic Church denounced these actions, ordered the rededication of the cathedral and banned future gigs on church property.

1 - Femme Fatale
2 - No One Is There
3 - Frozen Warnings
4 - Janitor Of Lunacy
5 - I’ll Be Your Mirror


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Anonymous said...

Just so you know: these songs are from the V.U. semi-reunion show at The Bataclan, Paris on 29th January 1972 & were broadcast for French T.V. (cheers). :)