Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edward Ka-Spel - AaΔzhyd China Doll

Edward Ka-Spel's catalog is vast with 40+ Legendary Pink Dots records, nearly 30 solo albums, and a dozen Tear Garden albums, all while actively touring for 30 years. I'm a big fan of Edward Ka-Spel's earlier solo work. Lo-fi bedroom recordings with intriguing storylines, trippy synths, carnival sounds, drones, and remnants of Eastern folk.

I believe this was the fourth release from the China Doll series. Recorded at the Dolls house in Amsterdam. I've found some new reissues from the other China Doll albums but I think this one has been out of print for 20 years.

1 - AaΔzhyd China Doll
2 - Flesh Parade
3 - The Qa' Spell
4 - The Unfortunate Demise Of The Fabulous Puccino Brothers
5 - Nuts In May
6 - Traitors' Gate
7 - Blowing Bubbles (Part III)
8 - The Fool
9 - The Witchfinder Suite (Parts I-VI)



from an interview in 2004

- Do you have any idea of how many albums you've done so far?

I have no idea at all. It seems to me like a waste of energy to start counting.


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