Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cabaret Voltaire - Live October 25, 1980

Supported by Young Marble Giants, The Sleepers, and Gears at the Keystone in Berkeley, Ca, USA.

Cabaret Voltaire released two live albums that both sounded like they were recorded in a toilet of the bathroom at the show. This unreleased cassette is crystal clear compared to those other documents. The Western Mantra track at the end clocks in at close to 20 minutes. A very creepy groan comes in and out of the droning dance beats. The vocals were modulated into a dying cyborg, atonal buzzsaw guitars waved about, reel to reel samples were fucked with, and a dainty drum machine thumped along into a trippy mess.
Original C90 had an interview from the KJFC Los Attos radioshow.

1 - Photophobia
2 - Kneel to the Boss
3 - This is Entertainment
4 - Expect Nothing
5 - No Escape
6 - Seconds Too Late
7 - Western Mantra

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Anonymous said...

Hey, would you be able to re-up this show at some point (please!) - I've been a fan of early Cabs since I was a school kid in the '80s, but I've never heard a recording of this performance, or a live version of "Western Mantra" for that matter? Thanks in anticipation... :)