Monday, August 30, 2010

Element Of Crime - '''The Things You Do For Love,,,

Ink-stamped with label in custom stickered heavy duty card sleeve. This handmade 7" is 9 minutes of amazing lo-fi jangly throbbing garage rawk from some of England's riot bois and grrls. According to a Huggy Bear fansite: Chris from Huggy Bear sang, Jo and Dale from blood Sausage traded bass duties, Andy from Linus played guitar, Daryl from Sister George played the drums, and Layla from Skinned Teen did some backup vocals. Supposed to be first in a series of Huggy Bear offshoot 7" singles. No others came out afterward.

"Chris wrote the lyrics crouched down in the tube station waiting for Bratmobile to come. The studio was Toe Rag, which is the same place a lot of Billy Childish/Holly Go Lightly stuff was recorded, really rad old equipment and atmosphere too. It was a drunken party style recording, songs all written on the spur of the moment." - Layla (Skinned Teen)

1 - Hero Erin
2 - ((Jaws All ism))
3 - Delinqunt Squint
4 - Verte Break

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