Monday, August 30, 2010

Public Image Ltd. - This Is Not A PiL Album

Here is a collection from an Australian boot that came out in 1984. Catalog # Porpak SEX 3525.
1 - Blue Water
2 - Where Are You?
3 - Mad Max
Tracks 1-3 were recorded at Pasadena Convention Center, USA, November 8th, 1982. Mad Max is an early version of Bad Life.
4 - Profile
Recorded at the Olympic Auditorium in L.A., May 4th, 1980. It's an early version of Home Is Where The Heart Is.
5 - Poptones
6 - Careering
Old Grey Whistle Test on February 12th, 1980. The OGWT recordings from this record were pretty shotty so I replaced them with better quality files of the same performance.
7 - Belsen Was A Gas
The Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London, 1978.
8 - Problems
From somewhere in Paris in '79.
9 - Another
Originally a B-side to the Memories single. This track was from the Sci-Fi Festival, Queen's Hall, Leeds, September 8th 1979.
10 - Pied Piper
London, '80. Pied Piper was originally on the comp. titled Machines.
I amplified most of these tracks on Audacity way beyond the recommended clipping levels because they were too muffled and quiet.

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