Thursday, February 5, 2009

Radio Cramps - The Purple Knif Show

The Purple Knif show was a radio show in Hollywood California with Lux Interior as the master of ceremony. He treated us to some of his favorite records with highly reverbed mic and echo for his other worldly comments.

R.I.P. Mad Daddy

Side One:
Jack The Ripper - The One Way Streets (from Ohio)
Louie Louie - The Swamprats (Pittsburg)
Oma Liddy - J.J. Jackals (He Later Became An Early MTV Video Jock)
Bird '65 - Trashmen (Michigan)
Oh, Girls, Girls - The Sparkles (Nashville)
The Fuzz - Link Wray (Maryland Or Outer Space...!)

Side Two:
Baby Brother - Bill Carter & The Rovin' Gamblers (Hollyweird)
Midnight Limbo - Tides (Sea?)
New Interns Watusi - Earl Hagan & The Interns (Emergency Ward)
The Hunch - Mad Mike & The Maniacs (Pittsburgh)
007 Theme - Billy Strange (Weirdsville)
Heartaches - Ted Weems & His Orchestra (Danceland)
Dragnet - Ray Anthony (Agony)

Side Three:
Turkey Neck Stretch - Grady O'Neal & The Bellatones (Hicksville)
Cafe Bohemian - Enchanters (Bohemia)
Take Me To Your Leader Cha Cha Cha - Sam Space & The Cadets
Fernandos Hideaway - Archie Bleyer (Stay Away)
Addams Family Theme - Vic Mizzy (he should be in the Addams Family with a name like that!!!)
Chicken - Spark Plugs
The Whip - Frantics
The Blob - 5 Blogs

Side Four:
Miller Beer Ad - The Troggs (Wild Thing)
Safari - Ward Darby and the Raves
Topsy Pt. II - Cozy Cole
It's Monster Surfing Time - Deadlyones


phil said...

howdy - any chance of reupping this, please?

D said...
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D said...

"The Hunch" is actually by "Mad Mike & The Maniacs," not "Mechanics." Great stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...